Welcome to Addiction Fitness!

There are many fitness programs out there to choose from and to be honest many of them can help you get in better shape. However, the problem with most other workout programs is they get boring and people lose interest. And the key to any fitness program is consistently doing it!

And that’s what makes the Addiction workouts the best of the best. Addiction is designed to be intense, energetic and fun…and that guarantees better and more long lasting results.

Addiction utilizes a mix of boxing, kickboxing, cardio training and strength training to give you the best work-out of your life. And best of all…you will not want to stop…you’ll get addicted!

A key to our outstanding results is the heavy bag. It is proven fact that hitting a heavy bag can burn up to 75% more calories than just “hitting air”. Every time you punch, or kick our specially designed bag your muscles contract and energy is expelled. With every punch or kick you are not just working your arms and legs but are getting a complete abdominal workout and using major body muscles in the back, shoulders and chest. And It’s so much more fun than doing sit ups! Plus, hitting the bag is amazing stress relief.

And then there is really great music. The Addiction workout music is so energizing that even when your body wants to quit, you’ll be motivated to keep going.

So, check it out. Addiction is the best workout you can invest your fitness time in. Effective, intense and fun…now isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Are you ready?

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